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About China:-


People’s Republic Of China (Prc) Is Located In East Asia And Has Largest Population In The World And Third Largest Country By Area. The Communist Party Of China rules China Government. China Has Population Of 1.4 Billion And Area Of 9.6 Million Square Kilometers. On 1st January 1912 Republic Of China Was Established And After China Civil War People’s Republic Took Place In China In 1949 And Being Practiced Till Now. Guangzhou Is Most Populated City In China. Where Beijing Is The Capital City Of China. Major Cities Of China Are As Follows Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Dongguan, Chengdu, Foshan, Chongqing, Nanjing, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Harbin, Suzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Shantou, Jinan, Changchun, Kunming, Changsha, Taiyuan, Xiamen, Hefei, Shijiazhuang, Ürümqi, Fuzhou, Wuxi, Zhongshan, Wenzhou, Nanning, Nanchang, Ningbo, Guiyang, Lanzhou, Zibo, Changzhou, Xuzhou, Tangshan, Baotou, Huizhou, Yantai, Shaoxing, Liuzhou, Nantong, Luoyang And Yangzhou. China Has Very Big Difference In Climate Of Winter And Summer. China Mainly Has Dry Seasons And Wet Monsoons. In Few Area Temperature Rises Up To 40 Degree Celsius And Temperature Falls Up To -2 In Winter. About Climate It’s Understandable As China Is A Very Big Country And Has Several Type Of Climate. China Recognizes 56 Ethnic Groups. However, Han Chinese Is Main Ethnic Group In China Which Comprise Around 91% Of Population. There Are Approximately 292 Languages Are Known To Be Spoken In China However, Mandarin Is Most Spoken Language In China, And Around 70% Of Total Population Speaks Mandarin. Lingua Franca Is Used As Official Language Of China Which Is A Standard Mandarin Language. Chinese Yuan Is The Currency Of China. Exchange Rate Is 1 Chinese Yuan = 10 INR Approximately. Xi Jinping Is Current President Of China (2019), And Li Keqiang Is Current Prime Minister Of China. China Shares Its Borders With 14 Countries Which Are India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, North Korea And Bhutan.


China Has Longest Road Highway System In World Where Length Of Roads Are Around 142,500 Km. In China, Railways Are State-Owned And Are Busiest Railway In World. Currently, China Has 127,000 Km Length Of Railway Which Makes It Second Longest Railway In World. There Are Approximately 229 Airports In China. China’s Bejing International Airport Is Second Most Busiest Airport In World. China Recognizes Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Protestantism And Islam Religion.

Apply For Medical Universities

MBBS In China

MBBS In China Is Very Popular Among Indian Students As China Has All Government Medical Universities Which Offers MBBS Course To Indian Students. Till the Year 2018 Medical Council Of India Had 148 Recognized Medical University. In the Year 2019 Medical Council Of India Removed 103 Universities From Its Recognition Because Of Poor Quality Of Education Which Do Not Match Standards According To India. Passing MCI Exam In India Is Lowest For China Which Made Exclusion Of 103 Universities From Reorganization Of Medical Council Of India. Reason Of Students Not Passing MCI Screening Test Is Poor Knowledge Of English Of Teachers In China Who Is Teaching In Medical Universities Of China However Some Practical Skills In China Is Very Good In Comparison To Other Countries. Duration, Of Course, Is A Little Tricky In China. Indian Students Has 2 Options. 1st Option Is They Can Complete Their 6 Year MBBS Course In China And Come Back To India With Degree. Second Option Is Where Student Can Complete 5 Years Of Education Then Get A Certificate From University And Come Back To India. In This Case, Student Must Pass MCI Screening Test Within 1.5 Years Of Period Of Time And Start His Internship In India after Completion Of Internship Student Must Go Back To China To Destination University To Get His Degree. In Case Non-Completion Of MCI Screening Test In 1.5 Years Student Must Go Back To University And Complete His Internship From China And Only Than Student Will Get His Degree. Tuition Fee Is Higher In China In Comparison To Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan And Uzbekistan. And Cost Of Living In China Is Medium And Called As Medium Cost Of Education.


Currently 45 Universities Are Recognized By Medical Council Of India Which Are Jilin University, China Medical University, Dalian Medical University, Capital Medical University, Tianjin Medical University, Shandong Medical University, Fudan University, Xinjiang Medical University, Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu University, Wenzhou Medical University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University Of Science , Xi’an Jiaotong University, Southern Medical University, Jinan University, Guangxi Medical University, Sichuan University, Chongqing Medical University, Harbin Medical Science University, Beihua University, Liaoning Medical University, Qingdao University, Hebei Medical University, Ningxia Medical University, Tongji University, Shihezi MEDICAL University, Southeast University, Yangzhou University, Nantong University, Suzhou University, Ningbo University, Fujian Medical University, Anhui Medical University, Xuzhou Medical University, China Three Gorges MEDICAL University, Zhengzhou University, Guangzhou Medical University, Zhongnan MEDICAL University, Shantou University, Kunming Medical University, North Sichuan Medical University, Southwest Medical University And Xiamen University Which Are All Government Universities.

Study MBBS Abroad

As We Know From 5 June 2019 NEET Is Compulsory For Every Student Who Wishes To Complete MBBS Or BDS From India (Private And Government Collage). Same Rules Are Applied For Study MBBS Abroad. Student Must Be Qualified In NEET Exam As Criteria For Qualification Is 50 Percentile Marks For General Category And 40 Percentile For St/Sc Category (Not 50%) Which Depends On Result Of Exam Every Session. Once Qualified In NEET Exam, Student Can Apply For MBBS/BDS Course Within 3 Years (Not Applicable On Students Who Qualified NEET Before 2018).


Total Seats In India For MBBS Course Are Around 60000 Seats Including Government And Private Colleges. Total Estimated Amount Of Students Appearing In NEET Exam Are Around 16 Lakh Every Year. Among 60,000 Seats Around 30,000 Seats Are Provided By Private Colleges Which Has Very High Education Cost Which Makes It Impossible To Get Education For Most Of the Peoples. Making Decision Of Studying Abroad Is Not Easy For Parents As They May Have Never Been To Destination Country. That’s Why Parents Needs A Excellent Consultant Who Can Guide You Choose Your Suitable University According To Your Budget And Education Level Of The University. Our Company Promises You To Take Care Of The Student During Whole Course As We Have A-Team In Each University. Our Company Is Located In Hostel Campus Of Almost Each University Which Are Available 24×7 hr Every day For Our Students In Any Need. Decision Of Selecting University Is Based On Advice Of Consultant. Maximum Of Students Are Choosing Russia As Destination Country For Studying MBBS As It Has Low Fee Cost And Friendly Environment. Becoming Doctor Is A Dream Of Student, But Parents Are Usually Unaware Of Positive & Negative Side Of University And Country As A University Has Both Of Them.


We Promise You To Give All Information And Guidance Through Your Journey And Help You In Any Way Needed.

China Medical University

Low To High Fees

Processing Charges: 50,000 INR (One Time Charges)

Advantages of Studying MBBS in China

  • Full English Medium Course Are Available In almost All Universities Of CHINA, however, knowledge of English is very poor in Chinese doctors and teachers.
  • All Government Universities
  • Good Clinical Practice- Clinical Part Is Most Important In Studying MBBS as Student Is Going To Become A Doctor. A Government University Has Government Hospitals Where Number Of Patients Are Much Higher Than A Private Collages Hospital. High Number Of Patients Gives Huge Opportunity To Students As They Reach To More Patients.
  • Medium Cost Of Living As Exchange Rate Of CHINA yuan Is higher Than Indian Rupee. 1 Chinese yuan = 10 INR
  • Ragging Free Campus.
  • Indian Food Available In Cafe Which Is Served By Indian Chef.
  • MCI Coaching Available
  • Safe University And Hostel Campus. Special Measures Are Taken For Girl Safety by our company. Separate Compartment For Boys And Girls.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in China

  • High Tuition Fee – CHINA Offers Tuition Fee Which Is Very Expensive In Comparison To Other 6 Year Course Countries Like Russia and Ukraine Which Offers Same Quality Of Education In Much Less Tuition Fee. Including 6-years tuition fee and hostel, charges make it up to 20 lac INR or above in china
  • Learning mandarin Language For Daily Needs. However, Education Is In English, But Not All Patients Speaks English. For Example, If You Are Studying MBBS In Bengal- You Study In English But When You Deal With Patients, Not Everyone Speaks Hindi/English. You Must Learn Their Basic Language To Communicate.
  • Winter And Summer - CHINA Has Extreme diverse Climate. In Winter Temperature Falls Up To -2 Degree Celsius And Temperature Rises Up To +45 Degree Celsius In Summer Which Is Not So Comfortable For Indian Students To Live.
  • Poor knowledge of English in teachers of universities.
  • Not Friendly Environment For Indian Students. Most of the international student studying in Chinese medical universities and living in hostels are from Pakistan as china – Pakistan relations are good. These senior Pakistani students dominate Indian Students. However, our Indian seniors help each other to stay safe on campus.

What Are The Minimum Requiremets For Admission To A China Medical University?



According to the Graduate Medical Education 1997 of Medical Council of India, the minimum qualification for Indian student for admission to any Foreign Medical Institutions is as follows:


1. He/she shall complete the age of 17 years on or before the 31st of December in the year of admission.

2. He/she must have passed in 10+2 or equivalent examination in the subjects of PCB- 50% AVG.

3. The candidate must qualify NEET examination.

How do I travel to China from India?


There Are Many Airlines Operating On Rout From CHINA To Different Cities Of India. Our Company Helps Students In Purchasing Air Tickets. There are Direct Flights From Delhi to several cities in China. Tickets prices differ by time and availability of seats. Usually, it costs around 15-20 thousand rupees for one way flight to China. From destination airport to university, transportation is done by our company members. 

Where will I live?


You, Will, Live In A University Hostel For Foreign (Indian) Students. This Is The Hostel Specially Renovated As The Cultural, Educational And Residential Requirements Of An Indian Student Studying In CHINA. Rules & Regulations For Living In This Hostel Are Made By University Management According To The Cultural System In Any Indian Family. The System Of Residence Is Separate For Boys And Girls, 2or 3 Seated Big Rooms, Upgraded Comforts, Central Heating Full Furnished, Shower Room, Toilet, Washbasin Room Are Attached With Room Security Guards, Reception, Cleaning And Washing Personnel Available 24 Hours, 24 Hour Medical Center, Well Equipped Team With Hi-Tech Machines With Personal Trainers. One Office Complex Of Our Team Is Situated In This Hostel To Facilitate All Services To Students, So That Students Do Not Have To Waste Their Valuable Time In Various Daily Life Problems. Here All Documentation And Any Problem Of Daily Life Will Be Taken Care Of.

Living In Some Rented Flat Or Somewhere Else?

Yes. You Can, But We Recommend Staying In Hostel At Least For First Year. Because of, First Of All, You Need A Migration Card With 5 Years Of Validity Where Your Address Registration Must Be Done (Compulsory) Which University Hostels Provides But Apartment Owners Usually Don’t Want To Provide You. Second You Need To Learn Basic mandarin To Live Outside Hostel Campus. CHINESE People Are not so Friendly And Respectful To Indian students As CHINA had conflicts with India since its freedom. Even After All, That Hostel Is The Safest Place To Live Because It Provides 24hr Security For Students. Universities Offer Government Hostels In Which Rooms Resemble As Apartment. If You Want To Live In A Apartment Get Resident Card Done From Hostel First Then Go For Apartment.


There Is No Such Thing As Ragging In The Chinese Medical Universities. Students Studying In Higher Course (5th Year,6th Year) Are Going To Help Fresher Students In Starting Their Lives In CHINA. Senior Students Understand Very Well That That A New Student Is Facing Changes Like Cultural Change, Climatic Change; Language Is Different, Home Sickness Etc. Senior Students Themselves Went Through All This. Ragging Is Strictly Prohibited And If Any Student Will Do Take Ragging, Then He Will Be Expelled Out Of The University Immediately.

Where To EAT


There are 5 options-


Option 1: Eat-In An Indian Mess. Where Indian Cooks Are Working. Indian Pure Vegetarian And Indian Non-Vegetarian. Food Is Served Two Times A Day. Good Taste Food, Quality And Hygiene Are Maintained Here Mess Operates On University Classes Time Table.

Option 2: Eat-In University Cafe. They Are the Cheapest. Chinese Food Served Only.

Option 3: Eat-In Any Restaurant Of The City Where University Is Located. There Is Plenty Of Food Options.

Option 4: There Are Facebook Groups In Few University Where Different Indian Food Are Served To Your Doorstep Everyday Which Are Prepared And Sold By Indians, You Can Order Food Online And Get It Delivered To Your Room. Food Served Here Usually Has Good Taste And Cheaper Price Than Any Cafe Or Restaurant.

Option 5: You Can Cook Your Meals In The Common Kitchen That Is Provided On Every Floor But You Will Need Your Utensils. You Can Purchase Products In Shops Which Are Located In And Around The Campus.

Admission Process

You Must Visit Our Admission Center For Taking Admission To Any University. Our Consultants Will Guide You To Choose Your University According to Your Budget And Requirements. Once You Have Selected Your University, You Need To Submit Scan Copy Of Documents As Per University Rules For Admission Of New Students Which Are 12th Mark sheet And Certificate, Passport, Picture Passport Sized (3.5×4.5cm) With White Background, 10th Mark sheet, NEET Score Card. Once You Have Submitted The Listed Documents, Our Consultant Will Provide You Form – One From University To Get Admission And Second Our Company’s Admission Form Which Is Filled By Student And Signed By Students And Parents And Our Consultant. We Collect Your Documents And Form And Send It To University. University Provide You Admission Confirmation Letter And Invitation Letter After That. After Receiving Invitation Letter From University Student Must Submit His Passport To Kazakhstan Visa With Help Of Our Company. Along With Passport, Student Must Submit Passport Size Photographs And HIV Report Where Full Name With Passport Number Is Written, And Signature And Stamp From The Diagnostic Center Are Present In Report. After Applying For Visa Student Must Wait For Receiving Passport Back With Visa From Visa Center Which Usually Takes Working 7 Days. Once Visa Is Done Our Company Will Help In Purchasing Flight Tickets, we Send Students In 10 Students Group For Travelling From Delhi CHINA. Member Of Our Team Accompanies You In Your Journey From Delhi To Destination University For Your Safely Transportation. Once You Reach In Destination Airport, Our Team Which Is Present In University Will Receive You From Airport And Bring You To University Campus.


 Our Team Will Provide You With A Sim Card Immediately As You Reach In Hostel Campus So You Can Call Your Parents And Inform Them Of Your Safely Arrival after That Documentation Has Done Immediately After Arrival To Provide Room In Hostel. On Arrival, Indian Meal Will Be Ready At Arrival As Journey Can Make You Tired. Next-Day Of Arrival Documents Is Submitted To University For Further Admission Process. From The First Day Till The Time Of Departure Our Indian Team Takes Care Of Everything, And After Reaching To Airport, Our Team Located In University Takes Care Of Everything Till Completion Of Course And Getting Your Degree.


After Completion Of Course And Return To India Students Are Advised To Contact Our Office Located In India For Guidance In Clearing MCI Screening Test.

Medium Cost MBBS Course In China


While Making Your Budget In CHINA You Must Include Following Details-


1) Tuition Fee (In US DOLLARS)

2) Hostel Fee (In US DOLLARS)

3) Cost Of Food (In US DOLLARS)

4) Cost Of Medical Insurance (In US DOLLARS)

5) Other Miscellaneous Charges (In US DOLLARS)


We Represent Almost All Medical Universities In CHINA However Our Top Recommended Universities Are Given On Website According To Your Budget And Quality Of Education.

Documents Needed To Make Passport






NOTE:- Original copy should be submitted of all documents mentioned above.




Documents Needed To Apply For University


1) Original 12th Marksheet
2) 2 Passport Sized Photographs
3) Passport (Scan Copy )
4) NEET Score Card (Scan Copy)

Documents Needed To Apply For VISA


1) Original Passport
2) 2 Passport Sized Photographs (3.5 x 4.5 cm) with white background
3) Invitation (provided by the university)
4) HIV report with the included students name and passport number with signature + stamp from a diagnostic center
5) 12th mark sheet + certificate original with apostille on it
6) Fill the visa application form


*Student must carry 12 PASSPORT SIZED PHOTOGRAPHS (3.5×4.5cm) with white background

To the university along with him.

Scheme Of Classes In China


1st Year – 2nd Year:-

Normal Classes (Pre-Clinical Subjects)

3-4 Classes Monday- Friday (Mix Subjects) (3 Hr Official Each Class) + 1 Day Lectures (2hr Official Each Lecture)

Saturday + Sunday Off

Anatomy, Histology, Microbiology, Pathology, Morphology, Physiology Etc

3rd – 5th Year:-

Cycles (Clinical Subjects)

1 Class (6hr Official)+ 2 Lectures (2hr Official) Monday – Friday

Class- Single Subject Till It’s Finished Then Next Subject Starts.

Cardiology, Hospital Surgery, Obstetrics And Gynecology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Clinical Pediatrics,

Oncology, Hospital Therapy Etc

Note:- At The End Of Semester Exams Will Take Place


At The End Of Year, Summer Practice Takes Place (1 Month ) Which Can Be Completed In University Or India During Summer Vacation.

6th year:- internship

Exam Marks Distribution


3- Satisfactory
4- Good
5- Excellent
2- Rework (Study Topic And Answer Again To Get At Least 3 Marks)
Student Must Get At Least Average 3 Marks As Whole In A Subject To Get Eligible For Exam


Exam Marks Distribution:-


3- Satisfactory
4- Good
5- Excellent
2- Re-Attempt-Goes To Second Attempt
2nd Attempt- Passed/Go To 3rd Attempt
3rd Attempt – Passed/ Repeat Year

Subjects In Medical Universities Of China


However, Fee Minor Subjects Can Be Added Or Removed Which Depends On The University You Are Taking Admission In. Overall Subjects Including Major And Minor Subjects By Year From 1st Year To 6th Year Are-

Mandarin Language, Mandarin Language (Professionally Oriented) Medical, Latin Language And Medical Terminology, History Of Medicine, Medical Biology, Medical And Biological Physics, Medical Chemistry, Fundamentals Of Psychology And Pedagogy, Political Science, Human Anatomy, Histology, Cytology And Embryology, Medicine Of Emergency Situations, Life Safety, Fundamentals Of Labor Safety, Philosophy, Biological And Bio-Organic Chemistry, Medical Informatics, Physiology, Microbiology, Virology And Immunology, Operative Surgery And Topographic Anatomy, Radiology, Hygiene And Ecology, General Surgery, Fundamentals Of Bioethics And Biosafety, Pathological Physiology, Path morphology, Propedeutics Of Internal Medicine, Propedeutics Of Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Stomatology, Oncology, Medical Rehabilitation, Neurology, Medical Genetics, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Faculty Therapy, Professional Diseases, Faculty Surgery And Urology, Dermatovenerology, Psychiatry, Medical Psychiatry, Forensic Medicine, Public Health And Health Care And Economics, Clinical Pathological Anatomy, Obstetrics And Gynecology, Pediatrics, Hospital Therapy And Endocrinology, Hospital Surgery And Pediatric Surgery, Infectious Diseases, Traumatology, Orthopedics, Clinical Pathological Physiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Outpatient Therapy, Anesthesiology, Reanimation, Intensive Care, Epidemiology, Disaster Medicine, Phthisiology.


Practical Training Includes- Patient Care, Nursing Practice, Medical Practice (4th Year), Obstetrical-Gynecological Profile, Therapeutic Profile, Surgical Profile, Medical Practice (5th Year).Elective Courses Including- Mandarin Language, Fundamental Of Medical Cosmetology, Tropical Diseases, Emergencies In Clinic Of Internal Diseases, Medical Genetics, Side Effects Of Medicines, Physical Training.


State Attestation Including- Internal Diseases, Professional And Infectious Diseases, Phthisiology, Hospital Surgery.



Most universities have English medium, but still, there are few universities where the medium of education is completely English and completely in Chinese. Be sure about choosing the language of course for MBBS in the same university before applying to the university. There are few consultancies which promote MBBS fee in Chinese language and can show as English medium course fee. Few consultancies/agents may show you this fake fee structure to attract you and then charge more money. Be aware and call us anytime for detailed information about the university.

Except for tuition fee and hostel fee, and 50$ for documentation, there is only medical checkup and medical insurance charges which costs approximately 80-100$ only per year. There are several insurance companies in CHINA, you can buy insurance from any company, and you don’t have to pay 400-500$ for insurance. Ask your consultant to buy cheap insurance and always ask bill of insurance, so you don’t get cheated.

There is no such thing as one-time charge/police verification charge/visa extension charge or any other charges in CHINA. These are given as an excuse to charge more money from you as a fee in the first year in university is paid by contractors and not by the student directly.

Only tuition fee, hostel fee, medical checkup and insurance (100$) and 50$ for documentation are actually paid. Rest all charges are commission which will come back to your Indian agent where you applied for admission. If you are visiting a local agent and there is a difference in the fee structure of 1st year and 2nd – 5th year for more than 500$ don’t submit your documents (original/scan) and contact us for the actual cost of education.

Don’t submit your documents (original/scan) to your local consultant until you are satisfied with the expenses because few consultancies take scan copy of your documents and receive your admission confirmation letter. In such conditions, you can’t take admission through some other agent to the same university. In this situation you are left with only 2 options- pay the extra money and take admission in the same university, or choose another university for admission. To prevent such cases, contact us before submitting your documents anywhere and know the actual price for the course.

Not a single government university ever asks for all 5-years fee at once. A student always carries a fee which is paid to university to Destination University and paid there to contractor/university. Don’t pay tuition, hostel fee in India in any case. Be aware of Consultancies asking for such amounts.

There is a different tuition fee for English medium and Chinese medium. English medium tuition fee is higher than the Chinese medium. Some consultancies can show you fake fee structure in some fake documents. To prevent these cases, always ask your consultant to show fee structure in the university’s official website. Read the fee structure carefully. There is a fee structure given in each official website of the each university of CHINA if your local consultant denies to show you or unable to find fee structure then contact us or visit us in our office. You can find the official website by yourself by searching full university name on Google then Find University on Wikipedia. On Wikipedia page, there is always given the official website of the university.


Before taking admission check university name in MCI list of recognized universities in China.

Call us or visit our office before taking admission anywhere to prevent any scam by any agent/consultancy.


Post Graduation (PG) In China


CHINA Offers Post Graduation At Medium Cost To Students. Language, Of Course, Is English Medium and Chinese Medium. Duration, Of Course, Depends On Subject Selected By Student For Post Graduation Which Is Varies From 2-3 Years. Indian Students Can Continue Post Graduation Just After Finishing MBBS And Then Appear For MCI Screening Test Or They Can to Complete MCI Screening Test First And Then Again Apply For Post Graduation In CHINA. Students Who Have Completed His MBBS From India Can Apply Directly For Post Graduation In CHINA. However, Few Universities Offer Direct Admission In University, And Few Have Entrance Test For Admission In Post Graduation Course.